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Gift Wrapping 101: Gift wrapping ideas, styling and the basics for gift wrapping.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

So, don't you love when you get a gift that is beautifully wrapped, it makes it that more special. You also can make your gift look like it was professionally wrapped, with the right tools, supplies and instruction.

This month we are learning some basics to gift wrapping. Let's start with supplies. You will need:

Now that you have everything you need. Time to get started.

Key Steps:

  • Start with beautifying your gift from the inside out with special tissue paper or confetti paper

  • Cut paper to size with wrapping paper cutter; it will give a more precise and straighter cut.

  • Use double sided sticking tape; this will give a smooth appearance without the visible tape showing and a more professional look!

  • Choose your ribbon as if you are accessorizing your wardrobe style; putting the final touches on the gift is like the jewelry, scarf, handbag one chooses to complete their look.

Note: I have provided a video below to follow along.

I like to start from the inside out. Use your tissue to fold the gift in or the confetti paper to float the gift on with a little to cover the top. Then tape the sides of the box (use regular tape for this part). This will give a more smooth appearance, less bulges and things won't be shifting around.

Next cut the paper to the size of your gift box. If you have a paper cutter, it will be easier to get a straight edge but scissors work too. Stretch the paper all the way over to opposite edge of the box and then overlap to insure it will cover the gift horizontally . Next make sure you have a few inches left on the edges to fold in to cover the sides. How much to leave on the sides depends on the height of the box. A tip to use: however tall the box is on the side leave that much of the edge to make sure it will cover.

Now that you have measured and cut. Tape down the first side of paper to the box with your double sided tape and then flap over the paper to the other side and tap down in two places. Fold in the sides of the paper then tape down the paper with your double sided tape for a clean professional look.

To ensure this gift wrapping looks pulled together add some ribbon and a name card. I like to choose ribbon like the accessories when dressing. Do you want your gift to read "more is more" or "balanced" with a contrasting style ribbon. This choice depends on the paper you choose.

I'm such a visual person. I would rather watch a video or listen to a podcast at times to learn new things. I have created a video for you guys. I wanted you to feel like we are learning together how-to-wrap a gift and how-to-make it look like a pro wrapped this present. So keep watching below for step by step directions on how-to-wrap a gift box. You will also learn how-to-tie a ribbon around your box.

Hope this video helped you guys learn how to wrap a gift, gave you confidence on styling, gift wrapping ideas and the basics.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out on IG @sweetsoireenow or email:

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