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When you don't have your trusty baking tools...

Hey cake lovers. If you find yourself baking outside of your own kitchen without your trusty baking tools, here's a few tips to still have a beautiful looking, tasty cake.

FIRST if there's no mixer, Bake a cake that does not involve beating butter and sugar together. Use a recipe that calls for oil, this way you can do it by hand. For example, most Chocolate Cakes are made using vegetable oil.

NEXT find a flat surface to display your cake. If you don't have a cake stand/plate, you can use a wooden cutting board, pizza stone or cheese board.

THEN to make sure the presentation stays looking good, put parchment paper under the cake and once you are done icing the cake, gently remove the paper for a nice clean up.

FINALLY use the back of your basic spoon to ice the cake. You can also get fancy with it by creating swirls or lines.

Happy Baking!

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