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Setting you up for Success: Baking Basics

I've been baking for several years now and have acquired some basic baking skills. I want to share with you a couple tips that help with being successful in your baking. There are many times an inexperienced baker will follow the recipe but the dish still fails. I'm talking to myself as well. There are those nuances or things one does not know when you're a novice baker. Recipes are not always able to convey these details. It's great to have someone show you what to do when baking to save yourself from hard cookies and dense dry cake.

Sometimes when things are described in the baking world it's hard to picture it. It's like when your mom/aunt says "a pinch of salt". What does a pinch mean?!

That's why I'm going to show you what some of these directions should look like. I'm here with you. I'm still discovering and figuring things out too.

We will visit two common instructions in baking that can set us up for success or failure. One, what it looks like when a recipe says to spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level. Two, what it looks like when creaming/beating the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Watch the video to check out these two baking skills that are important to follow in most cake and cookie recipes. Cheers to Successful Baking!

You can also find more on Sweet Soiree on Instagram.

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