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Easy close throw pillows, sewing machine not required.

Have you wanted to change the look of your living room or bedroom with a few throw pillows? Those pillows can be expensive, especially if you are changing them out multiple times a year. Well, I came across this dilemma, wanting to spruce up my living rooms colors for the spring/summer months. Most of us have multiple pillows stored in the closet somewhere. Now it's time to rework those bad boys. If your throw pillow has an zipper just take out the insert if not we can put the entire pillow into the new covering we will make.

Don't be intimidated. My sewing skills are very juvenile and I don't have a sewing machine. Remember I'm going to be using what I have or borrow from a friend.


Fabric-new fabric of your choice, old table cloth, head wraps, denim jeans etc..

Needle-if you have a sewing machine, use it.


Velcro-with sticky back



  • First we will measure the current pillow case or pillow plus add 2 inches to leave room for sewing together the material.

  • Next You will cut three panels of measured material all the same size.

  • Then sew the three panels together horizontally if it's a rectangle pillow or pick one side if a square pillow. Next fold over two panels and sew up the sides. We are creating a pouch for the pillow to go into. The third panel will be loose to create the flap for closing up the case. This takes out the guess work of closing the pillow up and it makes changing out the pillow covering easy.

  • Last fold in the third panel like an envelope, attach the sticker velcro pieces on the end of the envelope flap and on the opposite side of the pillow and close. Voila! You have brand new throw pillow.

  • Watch video to see more steps and the final result.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments

Don't forget to tag me on IG with your new throw pillow @sweetsoireenow

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